Mujeres Balance, Capichu es campeón en artes marciales en Brasil y nos trae 5 ejercicios para hacer en 5 minutos.

¡Cada ejercicio dura un minuto, así que alista el cronometro y empecemos!

Empezamos con 2 ejercicios para la parte superior del abdomen, 2 para la parte baja y uno ejercicio para los laterales. Ideal es hacer 3 series, pero si solo tienes 5 minutos una serie de cada ejercicio 3 veces a la semana, te traerá buenos resultados.



Mujeres Balance, Capichu is a martial arts champion from Brazil who will teach us 5 different killer abs exercises that take a total of five minutes.

Each of the 5 exercises will last one minute. Have your clock ready!

The abs can be seen as 3 sections: the upper, the lower and the laterals.

We need to exercise them all to get a complete workout and to get a strong core.

Do the sequence of 5 exercises 3 times. But even if you only have time or energy to do it one time, you will see results. But remember that to have a flat stomach you also need to eat healthy!

2 Exercise for the upper abs.

. With you knees bent and your heels remaining on the ground, cross your arms on your chest and move to sit up as far as you can. Don't bounce. Do it slowly, thinking about the muscles that you are working.

. For the second exercise just lift the heels, and move your torso up and down.

2 Exercises for the lower abs.

. Put your hands under your butt and straighten your legs with the heels off the ground. Now move your legs up and down together, without your heals touching the ground.

. For the second exercise. In the same position move your legs up and down with a scissors motion, again the heels don't touch thevground.

Exercise for Laterals  

. Put your hands behind your head, bend the knees andvwhile moving your legs in a bicycling type motion, keepvmoving the elbows to touch the opposite leg’s knee.


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