Easter Crafts

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Easter Crafts: We want to share some ideas with you today, so you can enjoy some fun time decorating and playing with your children for this great season.

Emoji Eggs 😃😄😁😍


For these Fun Easter Crafts you will need:

  •  Previously cooked eggs or wooden eggs.
  • Yellow acrylic paint.
  • Markers for painting faces or acrylics and brushes.
  • Egg boxes to place the eggs once they are painted.

Step by Step

  • Paint the eggs in halves, once dry, turn them over and paint the other half, paint several layers until you have the color you want.
  • Draw the expressions of the emojis.

😍 Tip: Take this opportunity to talk with your children about emotions.


🐰 Easter Bunnies made with Socks 🐰


For theses Cute Easter Crafts you will need:

  • Socks (Use the odd ones you have in the house).
  • Raw rice.
  • Scissors Ribbon or wool.

  Step by Step:

  • Put rice in your sock, making a knot on top and another in the middle, so that you have the body and head.
  • With scissors cut the upper part to make the ears and give it the shape.
  • Paint the eyes and mouth.

🐰 Tip: teach your children to play with the bunny when they feel anxious, as it can work as a stress reliever.

🌵 Cactus eggs 🌵


For these creative Easter Crafts you will need:

  • Cooked or wooden eggs
  • Green paint
  • flowers
  • Pots
  • Decorative pebbles
  • Markers

Step by Step:

  • Paint the eggs with green paint.
  • Paint lines or xxx with a marker.
  • Put the eggs in a pot with small decorative stones.
  • Paste paper or artificial flowers on top.

This activity is good to do with your children and to decorate your table. 

 🌵 Tip: For flowers, you can use artificial, real or paper flowers.

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