La app del crucero es como tu guía personal a bordo, tienes todo lo que necesitas para disfrutar tus días en el barco. Encontrarás un calendario con las actividades de cada día hora a hora y adicional una pestaña especifica de cada tema.

  1. Horarios para saludar a los personajes y lugar donde estarán.
  2. Horarios de los restaurantes.
  3. Horarios y clases o actividades del gimnasio y del spa.
  4. Horarios y actividades de los clubs para niños, bebés y adolescentes.
  5. Horarios de las piscinas.
  6. Horarios y actividades deportivas y recreaciones.
  7. Horarios de las tiendas.
  8. Horarios y información de shows en vivo y películas.
  9. Horarios e información del servicio al cliente.

Puedes catalogar actividades como favoritas y la app te avisará con minutos de antelación para que no te las pierdas.


En el barco puedes comprar paquetes de internet, pero al estar en altamar, son costosos, y se consumen muy rápido. Nuestra recomendación a menos que lo necesites es que te desconectes del exterior y vivas tus vacaciones de manera completamente presente. Para comunicarte con tu familia y amigos a bordo, puedes usar el chat de la App que funciona como un chat regular y adicional tiene emojis de los personajes de Disney.
En caso de que necesites estar conectado con el exterior, también puedes averiguar con tu compañía móvil si tienen algún tipo de paquete de datos especial para cruceros.
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The Disney Cruise app is your personal guide while on board.   It will give you  everything you will need to enjoy your days on the ship. You will find a calendar with the activities of each day, hour by hour, and also a tab for  each specific  topic.
1.When and where to find the Disney characters.
2.Restaurant hours, availability and menu.
3.Hours and classes or activities at the gym and spa.
4.Schedules and activities of the clubs for children, babies and teens.
5.Swiming pool hours.
6.Schedules for Sports, activities and recreations.
7.Opening and closing hours for the ship stores.
8.Schedules and information about live shows and movies.
9.Customer Service hours and information.
You can select activities as “favorites” and the app will notify you minutes before they begin so you do not miss them.


You can buy internet packages, but being at sea, they are expensive, and you consume them very,very fast.   Our recommendation is, unless you need it, that you disconnect from the outside and live your holiday completely in the present.  To communicate with your family and friends who are on board ship, you can use the chat of the App.  It works as a regular chat, and in addition it has emojis of the Disney characters.
In case you need to be connected with the outside, you can find out from your mobile company before you leave  if they have any kind of data package for cruises.
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If you are traveling with children or teenagers on any Disney Cruise, there is a club for each age group, where they can stay happy while the adults enjoy other activities. Although the cruises are focused on the entire family unit, there are many activities and environments just for adults:
– It’s A Small World Nursery: It is a nursery, at additional cost, for babies up to 3 years old. The nurses are  nurses specialized in baby care and the nurseries are in permanent contact with the parents if necessary.  In addition to the nursery, the Disney Cruise  offers sterilizers, kettles, cribs, strollers ,and even the alternative of preparing vegetable compotes at no additional cost.

– Oceaneer Clu
b: It is for children between 3 and 12 years with games, classes, experiments and visits by the Disney Characters.  Among the activities you can find super heroes classes, drawing classes … Open from 9am until 12am.
– Edge: For young people between 11 and 14 years old.  They have, for use, laptops with social media, activities, video games and a cool secret window to see the aqua duck passengers.  From 9 a.m. to 1 a.m.
– Vibe: For teenagers from 14 to 17 years,   A space full of technology, and a cool environment.
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