EMILY BENCH, Founder of Pilathon.

Para español…visita : Emily Bench, Promotora del pilates en Miami y en la vida!

Emily Bench, founder Pilathon

Tell us about yourself… ¿Who is Emily Bench?

​I found out that I am a teacher. I’m passionate about the human body, health, nature and the environment. I like to practice and experiment what I learn and I also teach it if it makes sense. I am also a daughter, wife, sister and a very good and loyal friend, honest, sincere and straightforward. 

¿How is a day in the life of Emily Bench?

I’ve always woken up very early, since I was a little girl. I enjoy sunlight and taking advantage of it makes me happy and energized. At 5:30 am my eyes are wide open and about 5 minutes later I jump out of bed to go meditate in the living room for about 20 minutes. I then brew some tea with honey and vegan milk, either almond or any other kind. I stopped consuming dairy about 8 years ago, it’s not good for me or the cows. If I feel like having coffee, I make coffee. While that is going on in the kitchen, I’m in the bathroom with my morning beauty routine. I brush my teeth and tongue, I wash my face and massage my neck up to my forehead (when I don’t do this, it shows). While my tea cools a little bit, I make myself a vegetable smoothie or a full breakfast whenever I have time. Breakfast is my favorite meal. After I finish breakfast, I kiss my husband who I love so much and who probably sleeps in a bit more and I leave.

I usually teach from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm and then I go home to have lunch, setting a nice table is a must for me. I like to eat in a nice environment. At 4:00 pm I go back to Pilathon for my own practice.  I then teach or work on the computer (emails, social media, events, planning). I study a lot and I enjoy reading every day. Then I take a shower at home, I watch something on TV, I hug my cat or my husband (whoever is available, haha) and then I go to bed by 10 pm. It seems very routinely but I see different people everyday and Im surrounded with the best vibes all day.  

¿What is balance for you?

​I like that the questions says “for you” because balance is different for each person. Balance for me means being happy in everything I do, in household chores, work, family time and in my spare time. If the decisions we make every day are in line with our feelings, then we are living in a balanced and coherent way.

¿How do you achieve the balance daily in your life?

Based on the fact that what I do every day makes me happy, I work more than 12 hours a day and I write “work” because I get paid for it. But I love what I do! 

I had to learn to say NO because I also love being at home with my family (husband and cat), so I’ve learned to say no to social events so that I can retreat and enjoy out home and solo time. 

¿What makes you happy?

My dad’s tea and biscuits (so many happy memories and sensations), lucky me, Guille learned how to make it. I also love my mom’s food and Miami sunsets. Wow! And the beach!

¿What is your preferred phrase or mantra?

«Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.»  Dr Seuss

¿Why do you love pilates?

The first time I practiced Pilates was in Caracas and I did not like it at all. I thought it was extremely boring but I needed it for my neck pain caused by many hours of my previous job as a dentist. Years later, I fell in love with Pilates in Miami thanks to Jeannine Bergmann, founder of Pilates One (one more incredible balance woman). She was the one who really inspired and motivated me to get certified; with her I understood that Pilates is a cool thing to do and while I was getting certified at Polestar Pilates, I understood how smart this exercise method is and how beneficial it is for literally everybody.

I fell in love with Pilates philosophy and with Joseph Pilates’ dream of making people from all over the world practice Pilates to avoid pain caused by bad posture, muscle imbalances, etc. Pilates can change your life! Only one hour a day of this method can correct your posture (we lose good posture the day we start school and are seated 8 hours a day). By regaining your posture and strengthening the muscles that keep our back aligned, we’ll see improvements in our digestive and respiratory systems, we feel more energized, we understand and acknowledge our bodies, and it does wonders to our sex life. There’s nothing you cannot like about Pilates. If somebody does not like Pilates is probably because they have not had good teachers.

From dentist to entrepreneur-teacher of pilates ¿why?

I was sure that I did not want to spend the rest of my professional life sitting in a dentist office seeing patients that cannot speak and that are often scared or upset. And I understood that my passion was teaching HEALTH so I decided, with the help of family and friends, to open PILATHON to be able to reach more people. I thought “if good people like me teach what they know to “the masses”, then I’ll be having an impact on this world”. That’s how Pilathon was born, which rhymes with FUN! 

¿What advice do you give to women who wants to launch their business idea in Miami?

If you are sure that you love what you do and have the energy to do it, DO IT. Starting a business is not for everybody, there are people who enjoy having office jobs and relax on weekends. But if you are a business owner, you are the first one to arrive and the last one to leave, but is YOUR business, it’s your project. It’s very rewarding! But I would advise you know your numbers. You need to know about Loss and Profit and how to focus your energy on turning your business ideas into realities (this is what I’m working on).

Tell us about Pilathon ¿What does it mean to you?

​We are very careful about Pilathon’s energy. It’s a place you cannot see from the street so whoever arrives here is by invitation and door password (hahaha), we like to call it our hidden gem.


Instagram : @embench @pilathon                           

Pilathon http://www.pilathon.com

Address: 2700 N Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33127

Offers private and small group pilates classes as well as yoga. Hybrid pilates classes on the reformer, as well mat pilates. Located in the heart of Wynwood at the pool area inside The Cynergi building, above Jimmy’z Kitchen. They offer rooftop sunset yoga classes. Free parking for clients as well as sauna and pool access/showers. Pilates, Yoga, Zumba , Real Ryder , TRX , Indoor Rowing, DaVinci BodyBoard, Sauna, Steam Room and Pool.»

Appointments: pilathon.com

Phone(305) 728-7800

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