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Mujer Balance


Welcome to Mujer Balance !, a platform dedicated to all women who seek their own balance … And it is that balance is a matter of each person, their interests and their life history.
We are all different, we all have something to tell and a lot to learn. This blog is created and powered by women like you and we want to share tips, tricks, products, activities, recipes, exercises … in order to help you balance your life and enjoy every moment as if it were the last.
We invite you to browse our 7 sections and find those that you identify with and that are useful for your lifestyle.

• Family
• Beauty & Style
• Cooking
• Home Decor
• Wellness
• Travel

We also invite you to share your life in balance with us! Send us your tricks, questions or greetings to We’d love to hear from you!

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Journalist, mom,TV host, influencer, mom, promoter of fitness and healthy life.


Marketing and writing lover. Traveling and curious soul. In constant search for balance. We love working with brands that add value to our community in balance.
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