Let’s make Anti Stress balls

Let’s make Anti-stress Balls with our children and teenagers and make this a fun activity to spend these days at home while taking some time to hear about their concerns and emotions.

Right now we all are going through difficult and stressful moments because of the COVID-19 situation and for this reason, it is important that we take time to listen to our kids, especially those over 10 years of age and teenagers for whom it is more difficult to express emotions, fears, and doubts.

This is why today we bring you this fun activity where we will learn how to make Anti-stress Balls, which will not only give us the opportunity to spend educational time with our children, but it can also become a time to share and listen to each other.

Let’s get to work: Anti Stress Balls


  • Balloons
  • A funnel (If you don’t have one, you can use paper or cardboard)
  • Flour
  • Stick to help the flour go down.
  • Markers


  • Take the balloon and fill it with the flour, using the funnel.
  • Make a knot to make it into a ball.
  • Decorate your balloon with the emoji or face you want.
  • Use them as Anti-stress Balls

TIP: While you are doing this, talk to your children about the importance of expressing all emotions in difficult moments, without judging or punishing themselves for this, explaining that all emotions and feelings are valid and important.


Want to see us in the process: check it out YOUTUBE

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