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Carolina Baena is our Mujer Balance of the week and is the creator of Jet lag Mode, a conscious and eco-friendly brand of handmade accessories full of authenticity and history.

Jet Lag Mode is made in Colombia, where Carolina was born, with authentic and local materials, with the intention of rescuing traditional techniques, which have been passed down from generation to generation.

Carolina Baena is here to tell us about her role as Woman, Mother, and entrepreneur who not only creates spectacular accessories but also creates jobs for talented hands of local artisans and with a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

With the best attitude always and that great energy that she is known for, we leave you with Carolina Baena, a Mujer balance to admire!

Tell us about yourself… Who is Carolina Baena?

It is an honor to be part of MUJER BALANCE, thanks for inviting me to share a bit of who I am and my brand JETLAGMODE.

I studied Industrial Design in Colombia and Fashion Design in Boston. My passion is to create and for that reason, I decided to start my own brand.

Both Jetlagmode and my baby (now 3 years old) were born practically at the same time. The company at the end of 2016 and Oli in January 2017; This has allowed this trip as a mother of two to be even more exciting and challenging.

I love traveling and this enriching hobby inspired me to create my company.


For me, the perfect “Balance” does not exist, or at least it is not constant. We are always exposed to changes and new responsibilities or challenges, so we must know how to get together to feel successful in the process.

EACH ONE OF US FINDS THEIR OWN BALANCE: It is not comparable with that of other women and it changes constantly.

How do you achieve a balance between your entrepreneurship and your family life?

I think that as a mother and as an entrepreneur it is important to understand that there are moments where my priority is my family, and moments where my business is in the # 1 place.

When I learned to assume this reality without guilt, I felt that I found MY OWN BALANCE.

What is your favorite quote/Mantra


Learning to enjoy the present is what allows me to live passionately. I do what makes me happy, but with the awareness that this satisfaction will pass, therefore I must continue working hard to feel it again. It also helps me overcome the bitter moments of life. When I am facing a difficult situation I allow myself to feel fear or pain but knowing that it is something temporary and that soon everything will be fine.

How did you start Jet Lag Mode?

JETLAGMODE was born thanks to that experience that only traveling the world can give us.

Seeing the different crafts and artisan techniques of each of the places I have visited has made it easier for me to open my eyes to a universe of sustainable fashion. Meeting the people behind each of the pieces that I have fallen in love with (I am a handcrafted collector) has been the most significant experience of my career.

Until one day I decided to support these communities by working as a team with these talented women. Me, from the design point of view and them, from their great power: The elaboration!

I started motivated to help them and in the process, I learned that it is also essential to help the planet. We started exploring different materials and now almost 90% of our materials are “conscious” or eco-friendly.

Today Jetlagmode is a sustainable brand, recognized for its 100% handmade products, of excellent quality. Products full of color and life made for self-confident women, who appreciate and value the love and dedication behind each of our pieces.

Here are some of the products, visit JET LAG MODE to see the whole collection.

Share with us your favorite song/podcast/app!

I do not have a favorite song, but as Colombian born in Cali, I can tell you that there is nothing that makes me happier than a good Salsa!

Podcast: Now I am delighted with THE GOOP, which is perfect for women who live their life from a more conscious and holistic vision.

Apps: I would love to recommend 2:

Canva and VSCO. As creative these are my favorite of the moment.


IG: @jetlagmode FB: @jetlagmode

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