Caterpillars with Recycled Materials

Caterpillars with Recycled Materials is the fun activity we bring you today, to spend some quality time with your kids while you teach them about the importance of recycling and have fun sharing some stories and ideas!

Fun to make with the kids using recycled materials
Let’s transform recycled materials in to art.

We see this as an opportunity not only to keep kids active, creative and engaged in different activities, but also as an opportunity to share some quality time, talk and share ideas, thoughts and learn new things from each other.

These Caterpillars with recycled materials are very easy to do and don’t require any expensive materials, and the best part… they are made of egg cartons, so we can teach them about the importance of recycling.


  • Egg cartons
  • Paint Brushes
  • Colored Paints
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Plastic googly eyes

TIP: If you don’t have plastic Googly eyes you can always draw them with a marker or even use some type of round cereal like Cheerios.


art made by kids
Let’s make art with our kids
  • Cut the egg carton so that you have the 2 separate cup strips.
  • Paint each strip with different colors and let dry.
  • Make some holes on the front Cup for the Antennas and on the bottom for the legs.
  • Cut the Pipe cleaners into pieces of the same length for antennas and legs.
  • Insert the pipe cleaners into the holes.
  • Glue the Googly eyes or cheerios or draw them with a marker.

TIP: While you go through all this process start a conversation with your kids. Anything that catches their attention and invites them to share some stories with you. Watch how we do it here ?? IG You will be surprised how many great things can come out of these craft times with your kids.

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