GIORDANA SPADEI VOGEL (GIGI) is our Mujer Balance of the week!

Gigi is the founder of “de la heart” a Miami-based lifestyle brand. She’s a connector, yogini, and self-described wellness junkie. Gigi is an entrepreneur with a line of clean beauty products and a mom-to-be.

Meet this incredible Woman, who will tell us all about her lifestyle, her projects, and her passions.

Tell us about yourself… Who is Giordana Spadei Vogel?

I was born and raised in Colombia and 16 years ago I moved to Miami to study high school. Miami is my home, and although in my 20’s I worked in the fashion industry in NYC, I was never ready to fully make the move.

When I was 24 years old, I started to feel very lost and confused in my life, I was eager to make a transition out of the fashion industry but just couldn’t find a way to do it.

I was also living a very unhealthy life—I would work hard, party super hard, and kill myself for hours at the gym and as a result, I was always sick because my body was trying to talk to me, letting me know that this lifestyle wasn’t sustainable.

Sick of taking antibiotics all the time, I started working with a holistic doctor who opened my eyes to a world that I had no idea even existed, and slowly, I started to change my life—I cleaned everything, My house, my career, and my relationships.

I started to believe in myself and to not be so hard on my body and I also went through a lot of therapy and healing. I took different courses and got a variety of certifications, including my real estate license, which I practiced for about a year.

In the back of my heart, I always wanted to build a community where women could connect, share their stories, and empower each other. I eventually attended IIN, and that’s where it all clicked—my passion and my tool was wellness.

I am currently launching 4 new incredible beauty products, growing the editorial side of my website, and 9 months pregnant with my first child—a little girl due any minute now.

How do you achieve the daily balance in your life?

I set myself up for success by thoughtfully creating a schedule that allows me to do it all, but also helps me keep my priorities straight.

There is always “me time” in the morning, I don’t schedule anything before 10 am, I gift myself time to meditate, practice yoga, exercise, and have coffee with my husband. I then head over to my office around 11 am and work until 4-5 pm. That is constantly shifting as we continue to grow. After this, I either go home and cook dinner for my husband and me or head out to dinner with some friends. We are very social so we like to be out and about! I’m sure that will shift again when the baby is here, but we’ll squeeze her in there somehow (I kid, I kid).?

Which is your favorite quote or mantra?

“Quien lo vive es quien lo goza!”

meaning ”Who lives it, Enjoys it” (a Very Colombian saying), which in other words means that who lives life to the fullest is who really enjoys it!

Tell us about “De la heart”, what does it mean to you?

2 years ago I started de la heart, an online wellness platform, and a clean beauty line. Today, we have over 40k followers and we have grown exponentially year after year.

de la heart is pure organic passion. It’s the road I use to share my passion for health, fitness, and fashion and has quickly grown into a must-follow brand amongst wellness junkies looking to live the sh*t out of this life!

Can you explain the concept of clean beauty

I would say “clean living” rather than clean beauty because clean beauty is just a small part of the pie.

Living a clean life means less is more. We carry this concept to beauty and go back to basics, connecting back to our ancestors in the Andean mountains, in the beaches of the Caribbean, and in the jungles of the Amazon…what worked for them and why? We work with those clean beautiful ingredients and package them into an elevated experience that enhances your at-home spa experience.


I obviously recommend all our de la heart products, as we are very proud of what we’ve created, but I would say keep it light and stay away from ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Some of the brands I love and use myself are agent nateur, shiva rose beauty, Ilia, and Rahua to name a few.

Share with us, your Favorite APP/song and Podcast:

Amazon is my favorite app because it makes my life so easy!

I absolutely adore music, so thinking of one song is hard, but I love “Harvest Moon” by Neil Young.

As far as podcasts, I stick to TED and SuperSoul Conversations.

Contact Giordana Spadei Vogel (GIGI)

Instagram: @delaheart Facebook: @delaheartmiami Twitter: @delaheart_   Youtube: @delaheart

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