Laura Correa, Colombian Makeup Artist

Laura Correa is a Colombian Makeup artist, who is sweet and passionate, as she seeks to highlight the qualities of those around her, proof of this is her passion, now profession: The Makeup World.

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Laura Correa is a dentist by profession, makeup artist by passion. In love with art and fashion, She specializes in makeup for photography and brides. She currently lives in her hometown Medellín Colombia, where she also enjoys sharing time with her family.

I met Lauris (@eugeocampog) working on a campaign, which was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. I love her natural work and her essence as a human being;  it is a pleasure to have her as my makeup artist, as she does a lovely job to make you look beautiful while you feel her great energy.

She is convinced that makeup is a tool to subtly highlight the most beautiful features of women and she also considers that a natural and harmonic makeup and hairstyle are the ideal complement for any occasion.

How would you define BALANCE?

I would define it as learning to live a calm life, without restrictions and without excesses. To try to give your best in every aspect of your life, understanding that there is no perfection.

How do you find BALANCE in your life on a daily basis?

Sometimes I struggle with it, I am quite an inflexible person, and I get frustrated when things don’t go my way.

I try to plan my next steps well and take action to achieve my goals, without becoming obsessed with the results. I also give myself moments to analyze my emotions and seek to change those that bother me.

What is your favorite quote or mantra?

Everything arrives at the perfect moment.
I am able to achieve anything I want, if I work for it.

What is the best thing/experience that the makeup world HAS BROUGHT TO YOUr life?

I have met good friends and colleagues and have discovered features of my personality that I didn’t know I had, such as patience. I have learned to trust my abilities and exploit my creative side. When I work with brides, I fall in love with each story again and it is beautiful to surround myself with that energy of love and happiness.

What is the best advice you have received in your life?

Whatever you do, always do your best. There are no good or bad jobs. It all depends on the attitude you put on it.

What is the best tip you can give to us in terms of makeup?

A healthy and well-cared skin needs little makeup. Little makeup that will look beautiful and natural.

It is essential to have a dermatologist prescribed routine and even more essential to always remove makeup.

Less is more: makeup helps us look beautiful, but too much makeup can have the opposite effect making us look much older (nobody wants to look older).

What advice would you give to our female readers from the point of view of …

  • A Make-up artist… Don’t pretend that a makeup artist does on your skin what you have not done in your whole life. Take care of your face so that it needs the minimum makeup and that when applied, it looks beautiful.
  • A wife… Communication is key in a relationship. It is not always necessary to be right.
  • A dentist… Use dental floss every day.
  • A daughter… Value your time with your parents and try to be patient, sometimes we are more understanding with people we don’t know than with the ones we love most.
  • A friend… Try to be there when they need you, respecting their processes and the decisions they make without judging or imposing.

What is that makeup or skincare product that cannot be missing in your makeup bag? Why?

Sunblock: Fundamental before putting on makeup and even when we don’t use makeup. I like to use the ones that have color to replace the foundation and give uniformity to the skin.

Eyelash curler:  curly eyelashes completely change your look and refresh the face.

What is your favorite app?


Cookpad: For recipes

Splitwise: It is a great tool to track bills and other shared expenses. 

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