Let’s play: Disappear the Coronavirus

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Let’s play Disappear the Coronavirus with a fun game…. sounds like entertaining right?

Stressful Times

With so many alarming news about the Coronavirus or COVID-19, our children are probably going through a time of stress because they see their parents and other adults in the same situation.

we need to explain the Coronavirus to our children in a way that is more adapted to their vocabulary and age.

What a better way to explain than with games??

Teach your kids to ”Disappear” the Coronavirus with a fun game so they can understand what it is and how they can take care of themselves so they don’t get it.


How to play it?

  • Paint the child a coronavirus on each hand with a marker.
  • Explain to the child how and why they need to wash their hands frequently during the day. (To do it correctly they must wash for at least 20 seconds).

TIP: Tell them to sing the Happy Birthday song until it ends. (this will make 20 seconds approx.)

  • Promise the child a reward if he/she achieves the goal: To wash their hands so many times that they ”Disappear” the Coronavirus from their hands by the end of the day.

TIP: To achieve a higher motivation, set 2 points for each day that the goal is accomplished and when there is a total of 20 points he/she gets a prize!!!!

Watch our video/tutorial

For more information on coronavirus Virus visit the World Health Organization

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