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Paula Zelaya

Paula Zelaya is a woman who feels proud and happy to be a Mom and most importantly has managed to find balance by complementing this important role with a very successful professional life.

Blogger, Events producer, creator of Noche de desmadre and above all a woman in love with her family, Paula Zelaya shows us motherhood from the point of view of a real mother, with all the beautiful and not so beautiful aspects that this wonderful facet has, and is here to tell us about her life and her projects.

We leave you with this incredible woman, Paula Zelaya, of whom I am sure we will learn a lot in our role as mothers and businesswomen!

Tell us about yourself… ¿Who is Paula Zelaya?

First of all, thank you for the honor of being a Mujerbalance!

I am a woman who does everything with love! Colombian, a TV and events producer, a happy mother of 3 beautiful girls and passionate about helping others. I love photography and telling stories through videos.

After having my 3 daughters and having left my professional life to stay at home with my girls I created a blog for moms … that did not last long, because I’m very creative.  So, with the blog, I started creating events for moms, such as Noche de Desmadre! Now I write on my website, I make videos of tips, recipes, and trips, I have #NochedeDesmadre and now we are making T-shirts and products with my daughters.

How do you balance your life as a Mom/Entrepreneur/Blogger?

Balance is something I am always looking for because I love everything I do!

I think that the moment I managed to monetize my blog, make the events successful and at the same time pick my daughters up from school, do activities with them and not miss anything, I found the right balance.

I do everything with my husband and the girls, they are part of the process, a part of all my dreams and that always makes it special.

What is your favorite Quote or Mantra?

“I love the world I live in, without much luggage, but with a lot of dreams!”

What do you like and enjoy most of being a mother of three beautiful girls?

I love being a mom and seeing the world again through my daughter’s eyes.

I love listening to their stories, the simplicity of the children and playing in the middle of nature with them. They are my greatest teachers!

My advice to all moms out there would be to never seek perfection but to enjoy the process.

What do you miss about your life before being a mom? Tell us about #NocheDeDesmadre.

I miss the days I could leave my house without having to get a babysitter, homework, schools. etc!  Being a mom is beautiful, but it’s chaotic and overwhelming at times!

Noche de Desmadre was created thinking of the need that moms have of some time without their children, without their husbands and in connection with themselves and other moms.

That woman who sings her favorite songs, laughs at herself and dances with her friends.

It started as a crazy idea and has become a therapy movement for moms who need a party space, where through standup comedy, they confirm that motherhood is imperfect and that it “happens to all of us”.

Share with us your favorite APP/Podcast

My favorite app is headspace! It has helped me meditate!

My favorite podcast is Erika De la Vega’s ‘’En Defensa Propia’’, I love her stories, her black humor and the transparency she shows while talking to her guests.

With the help of those guests, she teaches us how to re-invent ourselves and carry out our business ideas.


 Instagram: @soypaulis_miamommy   Twitter: @paulismiamommy  

Youtube: @soypaulis  Facebook:@paulismiamommy

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