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Pia Yoga, is a powerful yogini, with A vibrant, happy, strong, and loving energy. Excellent yoga teacher and marketing expert, this inspiring woman teaches us all about Balance because in each of her practices she shows us that when our mind and body align, our soul smiles.

We invite you to learn more about our MujerBalance of the week Pia Yoga.

Tell us about yourself… who is Pia Yoga (Claudia Lopez)?

Hi! My name is Claudia but many people know me as Pia. This is a Nickname I had from childhood, so I opened my yoga Instagram account with that name: @pia_yoga

I’m from Colombia and have been living in Miami for the Past 5 years.

I studied Economics and worked in Marketing for more than 6 years. Just before traveling to London to do my Master in Marketing, I started my regular yoga practice back in 2013.

After a year living in London I came to live in Miami but I was already so involved in yoga that I quit my corporate job to start sharing yoga with others.

Nowadays, I’m dedicated almost full time to share yoga through group and private classes, events, workshops, and retreats. 

Since I still love Marketing and have kept learning about it, specially regarding social media, I also do consulting for entrepreneurs or small/medium business on their Social Media or Marketing in general. 

I love dogs, love dancing, reading, and traveling especially to nature. In 2018, I left everything behind and embarked in a 7 months trip with my husband (@twovisitaround)

What made you start practicing Yoga? How did you fall in love with it?

Pia yoga-cladia Lopez

I was looking for something that helped me calm my mind. I tried a few classes in 2011 but it wasn’t until 2013 when I tried a Power Yoga class that I really got involved in it. This is because I needed something more active as I’ve been always an athletic person. When I realized that I was focusing on breathing, on being present, connecting with my spiritual part, but at the same time I was able to challenge my body and mind, is when I really got hooked.

I practiced many styles and from different teachers until I tried Skanda Yoga, which took my practice to the next level in every sense. 

Can you tell us more about your yoga practice and its benefits?

As mentioned before, I practice Skanda Yoga which is a Power Vinyasa practice. My classes are very focused on alignment, with attention on details so that we can get the best out of each asana or posture. It’s important to explain the “why’s” behind so that the student really understands, which to me, is the only way to learn something. I like to challenge people because it is the way to get stronger, not just our bodies but also our minds, which is essential for living a healthy life.

My classes are energetic and a little fun, because I believe in the power of the smiles. I like people to finish my classes feeling empowered and happy.

A regular yoga practice will help us to stay present, to be more conscious. It helps us breathe better, bringing more oxygen into each cell, releasing tension and anxiety, and calming down our monkey minds, while making us feel empowered and helping us uplift our spirits.

It also helps us activate our body, by keeping it healthy.

Can you give us 5 tips to manage a personal brand on Instagram, as you do with pia yoga?

  • Have a clear target: The more specific the better, as you would be the expert on that niche.
  • Be authentic: Get inspired by others but be yourself.
  • Be consistent: That’s one of the keys to success for everything. It takes time to build up great things.
  • Give content of VALUE to your niche: It’s about them and what you have to offer them, that is important and relevant. 
  • Interact: it’s a SOCIAL media. Comment, give likes and enjoy interacting with others.

How do you keep BALANCE in your daily life?

Definitely through yoga. It helps me to be present, to breathe, to connect with myself, and to keep my body active.

I keep my balance through music. Mostly listening to energetic music or music that lights me up or puts me in a good mood. But sometimes listening to more clam music that makes me root down, relax, and slow down.

I keep balance by reading different types of books. Historic fiction, biographies, entrepreneurship, self-development and yoga.

Also by going out for a walk with my husband to see the ocean and disconnect from my phone. 

I keep balance by finding moments to meet with friends and to to enjoy those moments, also by eating healthy most of the time but enjoying a burger, a pizza, a wine, or a beer whenever I feel like.

I keep balance by cultivating a habit of gratitude (writing 3 things I’m grateful for in the morning or at night).

Favorite APP/Song/Podcast?


For yoga / meditation:

  • Skanda Yoga Practice
  • Waking Up
  • Headspace

For IG:

  • Lightroom
  • UNUM
  • Unfold
  • InShot


For meditation: Tara Brach

For business /entrepeneurship: The Side Hustle Show, How I built this, and Smart Passive Income.

Pia yoga
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If you want to learn more about PIA YOGA/Claudia Lopez, you can visit her at  https://piayogaonline.com/.

IG: pia_yoga

Youtube: Pia Yoga

FB: @piayoga108

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