Sandi Glandt

Sandi Glandt is a high-performance productivity coach, and the author of the book Slay Your Day, who’s on a mission to help AMBITIOUS, female entrepreneurs who WANT to HAVE IT ALL (but aren’t sure how or where to start) add systems to their business so they can optimize their time, get MORE done in the day and FEEL FULFILLED in EVERY area of their life!!

We have invited Sandi Glandt, to tell us a little about herself, her business and her story and be part of our beautiful community as a MUJERBALANCE of the week.

How do you achieve balance daily in your life?

This changes from day to day. Balance can look different at different times. For me, I honor what my priorities are each day. Some days mommy mode takes over, and other days work needs more attention. In my book and my coaching, I talk about focusing on the three goals that will move you forward each day and to focus only on these. This allows you not to overwhelm yourself yet move the needle forward each day towards your bigger goals.

What is your preferred phrase or mantra? 

ACHIEVE SMALL GOALS EVERY DAY and Progress, not Perfection. Identifying small goals each day will allow you to feel in control and empowered. Also, know Rome wasn’t built in a day. Strive for progress, not Perfection. Your gift to the world is more significant than you realize, so show up and deliver even when you’re scared or not “ready”. No one is ever ready, but it’s in taking consistent, messy action where you get results!

How can we go from burnout to balance?

You don’t need to be superwoman and do it all. Identify what you are great at doing and only what you can do and delegate or outsource the rest. You feel overwhelmed and burned out when you feel like you need to do it all, but when you can let go of the reigns a little and control the controllable, you will be able to show up 100% in the areas you need and want to show up in all while making progress daily.

What makes you happy?

Family is #1 for me. My family makes me happy, my clients and business make me happy, spending time with my girlfriends who lift me up and empower me make me happy, self-care makes me happy and honoring my body and health and wellness. I make sure that I listen to what I need and what fuels me. 

Tell us about your book: 

slay your day book
Her message is simple: Women CAN have it all, and this book will show you how to make it happen!

Too many women have been made to feel guilty about wanting to have a fulfilling family life, enjoy meaningful personal relationships, and achieve professional success. For too many decades, women have been told they can’t have it all. Some will even point out how many women who do try to have it all wind up feeling burned out, stressed, and overwhelmed.

Productivity and female entrepreneurship coach Sandra Glandt has a one-word response to these naysayers: NONSENSE! The truth is that women can have it all, but trying to do it without the right tools and support can lead to epic failure. In Slay Your Day, Sandi shares the strategies and tactics that have worked not only in her own life but also in the lives of the countless women she has coached. By adopting the right mindset and using the right tools, any ambitious woman can learn how to get more done, become ultra-productive, and unlock their full potential.

Give us some advice for our readers, as a woman, mom, as a writer, as an entrepreneur:

You need to first and foremost know what your goals and priorities are. This will be your guiding light. This will allow you to tap into your highest potential and power, so you know what areas are essential for you to show up. I know for me if I want to be in work mode all day and don’t have time with my family, I am not honoring my priorities and what makes me happy as a wife and mother. “Balance” is found in us each individually. What is important to me will be different for the next woman. Know what areas are important to you so you can show up 100% and be fulfilled in each area.

What is your favorite book, podcast, song (we have a playlist):

Favorite books

Go For No, 10X Rule, 4 Agreements.


I love are The Chalene Show, Project. In Charge, And She Rises, Young Hustlers. 

If you want to learn more about Sandi Glandt, this amazing woman, coach, author and entrepreneur, you can visit:


IG: sandiglandt

FB Group: Productivity Hacks for Ambitious Women

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