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SOy fira

Soy Fira, our special guest of this edition, is an artist and entrepreneur, creator of the brand @ojodefira, in which she has decided to depict her art into hand-embroidered shirts.

We have invited this artist as our Mujer Balance of the week to tell us about her art, her passion, and her life.

Tell us about yourself… Who is @soyfira?


I am a Civil Engineer, and I was trained to construct physical bridges, But I am convinced the real bridges we have to build are between people. 

Even though we are all are human beings, each stroke shows a different background because every person is a different world.

I decided to create a hand embroidered T-Shirt brand to depict my art in more canvases: @ojodefira  

As an “intellectual orgasm” seeker, I am part of the Global Shaper initiative of the WEF, a One Young World ambassador, the biggest young leader conference, and the Emprendete Podcast.

I am passionate about creating synergies between people, and I do it through my strokes to continue telling their stories.

How do you Achieve Balance in your life?

Doing what I love to do the most, which is meeting people from all countries and painting them, without forgetting those I love the most, which is my family.

Every day I share some time with them, especially with my dad. I go out with him to ride my bike; it’s an extraordinary moment because we both clear our heads and share time together.

What is your favorite Quote or Mantra?

‘Life can be black and white, it depends on us to make it colorful”.

Tell us about your illustrations and what inspires you?

My dream is to become an artist recognized by my strokes, to be a world reference of portraits by my style that is to a single stroke.  To be able to travel and live in various parts of the world, painting and immersing me in cultures, and to be able to create more and more.

I base my work on the fact that life is ephemeral, and we have to say what we feel in the moment. Also, my strokes are continuous, and everything is connected as it is today; thanks to globalization and technology, we are more and more connected.  Where one person’s actions can affect the whole world as it is happening with the entire issue of the pandemic, if we weren’t so connected, the effects wouldn’t have been so dramatic.

Favorite APP/Song/Podcast?

APP: Pic Collage

SONG: Déjala que baile (Melendi)

PODCAST: Hablemos Arte

If you want to learn more about this artist, visit:



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